Aaditya Goswami

Aaditya Goswami

  • Position: Chief Executive Officer
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  • Email: goswami@mdlogix.com
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Personal Experience & Biography

Goswami serves as CEO and of mdlogix. He is an engineering and technology professional and works directly with the firm’s technology team to solve platform and data integration problems.

Since 2005, Goswami has worked closely as a partner with Allen Y. Tien, M.D. at Medical Decision Logic, Inc. (mdlogix). Together they developed the market-leading Clinical Research Management System that allows collaboration of research efforts among academia, government, and industry.

Prior to joining bhworks, Goswami delivered enterprise management systems to global businesses. He has led several companies and departments to multi-million dollar revenue status, including ECS, Inc., Softline, Inc., Qwest Cyber Solutions (a joint venture between Qwest and KPMG) and EDS, Inc.

Goswami is a graduate of the University of Maryland where he trained as a mechanical and aerospace engineer.