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We try to foster a collaborative culture, both within our company and the larger behavioral health ecosystem. Our collaboration partners & advisors offer a variety of expertise and services, but they are all focused on an overarching mission: to improve the health and wellness of individuals, families, and their communities.

School-Based Medicaid Billing

Relay is a leading provider of healthcare electronic data interchange (EDI), billing and compliance systems and services that facilitate the connection between healthcare providers, state agencies and electronic payers.

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Advanced Artificial Intelligence

MILO provides healthcare organizations with the opportunity to leverage powerful machine learning tools that can develop predictive binary classification models to identify individuals at risk for health problems.

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School-Based Health

Through professional development, advocacy, governance, and publications, MASP works hard to represent school psychologists throughout the state of Michigan. 

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Learning Community & Implementation Support

The Behavioral Health Learning Collaborative (BHLS) has been working to strengthen behavioral health programming across Pennsylvania through expanded mental health screening, increased staff training, and access to technology.  The network has generated best practices and high-quality research that can benefit both state and local programs throughout the country.

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Online Training Sources

The mission of Prevent Suicide PA’s Online Learning Center is to share training resources with anyone who may come into contact with individuals struggling with suicidal thoughts and behaviors.

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Have a Project in Mind?

We’re always looking for new opportunities. Whether you’re a software company with a complimentary application or a non-profit looking to submit a grant proposal, we would love to learn more about you and your work.