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Ask the Right Questions

In addition to identifying risk for common mental health conditions like depression and anxiety, bhworks can screen for psychosocial stressors that contribute to poor health outcomes – things like family dynamic, safety practices, exercise habits, and social determinants of health. Use our library of screening tools and/or add any forms you feel would best serve your employees.

Provide Strategies for Action

People are better equipped to manage their health when they have a deeper understanding of what’s driving their symptoms. After they complete an assessment in bhworks, employees receive a personalized summary of their results and recommendations for action.

Connecting the Behavioral Health Ecosystem

We’ve designed a platform that can evolve with a changing healthcare landscape – a landscape that transcends traditional boundaries. With web-based tools that help teams collaborate across organizations, you can provide better care that costs less.

Get Measurable Results

Too many solutions come without standard outcome measures, so it’s hard to tell when they’re working. bhworks provides real-time data dashboards that track utilization and population trends, so you can use this information to shape your corporate culture, processes, and benefits.