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Our nation's mental health heroes are using bhworks, seeing the results, and exceeding their goals to help K-12 students.

Hear Directly From Our Heroes

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Steven Sharp, p, Hempfield School District’s K-12 School Counselor Coordinator and the Landisville Middle School Grade 8 School Counselor, Lancaster, Pa

“The biggest thing for me as I talk with my staff is that with a reasonable investment of time, we have the ability to do the scheduling; we understand and control the data; we read the screening reports; we control the workflow; and we have an alignment in the communication with necessary staff. I like that. That component is working, and we now have more time to concentrate on connecting the identified students to the services they need.

bhworks is not just a software, but a built-in support system

“The most important bhworks feature for me is case notes. It’s been a lifesaver for me…for statistics,
reporting, and tracking how often I see a kiddo.”

Nicole Englert, MH, Student Assistance Program
Liaison, Family Service & Children’s Aid, Society of Venango County, Pa.

“Having everything in one place is extremely helpful and time-saving. Having assessments
electronically available is what I have heard people are very happy about so far.”

– A Michigan ISD Director

“[bhworks is] such a helpful tool. We appreciate having this concrete tool…to review the data it
generates in real-time with students and families.”

Alicia Demko, MA, Student Assistance Program
(SAP) Liaison/Elementary SAP Supervisor/Prevention Specialist, Aldersgate, a social services
agency, Montgomery County, PA. 

” We really appreciate the in-person demos and the one-on-one time mdlogix [staff] is spending with us. “

Michigan ISD bhworks User

Making A Difference That Leads To Change.

[The bhworks] “platform is critical in Michigan because it’s the highway in exchanging information
among mental health providers, educators, families, and school administrators. It helps us in three
areas: suicide prevention, student mental health, and school safety.” 

Nick Jaskiw, School Psychologist, Newaygo County RESA, and past president of Michigan Association of School

“…Care coordination is where bhworks has really made a big difference in the state of Michigan
because everything from developing the plan of care to obtaining the consent forms is done
electronically. That’s a huge game changer for our providers.” 

Scott Hutchins, School Mental
Health and Medicaid Consultant, Michigan Department of Education. 

Thirty-eight of Michigan’s 56 Intermediate School Districts (ISDs) are using bhworks, with more joining!

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