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Finally, Your Program Data in One Place

Public/private partnerships are powerful, but managing many independent organizations can be challenging. bhworks can serve as a central data hub for government sponsored programs, helping to evaluate quality measures, scale programs, and track activities across sites. Best of all, you can say goodbye to your spreadsheets. bhworks is equipped with an analytics engine that can aggregate and display data in real-time, allowing for easy reporting and program evaluation.

Providing Mental Health Support to Schools

bhworks can provide standardized, web-based behavioral health risk assessment to students across your state. We can also help configure workflows with contracted service providers, helping to streamline data collection and reporting processes. Create, automate, and monitor multi-tiered interventions for at-risk students, connecting to Medicaid billing mechanisms when applicable.

Addressing the Opioid Epidemic

A growing body of knowledge reinforces the value of Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT), psychosocial interventions, and case management when treating people with opioid use disorder. Unfortunately, a shortage of accessible treatment options keeps people waiting weeks or months to receive care. To help leverage all available resources within your state or municipality, we’ve configured bhworks so it’s compatible for hub and spoke systems of care. We can even interface with EHRs and other data management systems, helping standardize care across multiple organizations.

Behavioral Health Support for Police Officers, First Responders, and Other State or City Employees

It’s no secret that our police officers and first responders deal with trauma on a regular basis. Unfortunately, prolonged exposure to critical stress can increase risk for substance use disorders, depression, and other mental health problems. In fact, police officers and firefighters are more likely to die by suicide than in the line of duty. bhworks can help you support at-risk personnel so they can keep working to ensure public health and safety. We’ll also provide confidential outreach and support to employees who screen for behavioral health risk, helping promote a culture that encourages treatment seeking behavior.