bhworks MOC



The American Board of Pediatrics approves Behavioral Health-Works (bhworks) for Providers as a Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Part 4 for Quality Improvement for Patient Care.

The American Board of Pediatrics’ (ABP) Maintenance of Certification (MOC) is designed by and for pediatricians as an ongoing process of lifelong learning and self-assessment to continually improve knowledge and clinical performance.  MOC is made of four parts:  Professional Standing (Part 1), Lifelong Learning and Self-Assessment (Part 2), Cognitive Expertise (Part 3), and Improving Professional Practice (Part 4).  Each part covers different aspects of clinical performance and contains different “points” requirements.  MOC Part 4 should be done every 5 years and requires 40 points accumulated around professional/quality improvement activities that improve patient care.  bhworks has been approved by the ABP and will earn a professional 20 points towards their MOC Part 4 requirements.



The Behavioral Health Works (bhworks) program is open to pediatricians everywhere.  The program activity facilitates screening, referral, follow-up, and documentation of patients through use of a broad, clinically validated, and empirically supported web-based screening tool (see  A computer or tablet with web access is required for activity.  Patients will complete the Behavioral Health Screen (BHS) in the waiting/exam room on a computer/tablet with web access.  Upon the completion of each patient screening, the system automatically generates the Screen Results report.  The report contains two sections:  Summary and Details.  On the Summary section, the critical items (that need immediate attention) and risk behaviors (that should also be addressed) are flagged for the physician.  The summary also automatically scores the core domains (i.e. depression and suicide) for the physician to easily review the results of the screening. The physician will document whether or not the patient needs a referral to further services after the clinical interview by selecting the proper referral status within the bhworks system.  Automated QI reports on screening activity and patient risk factors will also be accessible through the bhworks system in real-time.  Each office will provide initial baseline data on the number of patients presenting with several identified psychiatric and psychosocial risk factors. Training is facilitated through videos which are available within the bhworks application, additional webinars, and consultation via phone/video conferencing as needed. 20 MOC credits are available for completing this activity.



This module requires a minimum of 1 month of screening activity to complete a minimum baseline of 10 qualifying patients and two follow up cycles with at least 10 qualifying patients each for each provider seeking to earn the MOC credit. Baseline data should be collected on any screening done on a minimum of 10 patients (aged 12-24 years) and seen by a physician prior to the Behavioral Health Screen being implemented. The BHS should be used for the next two cycles to screen a minimum of 10 patients per week while systematic changes are implemented to improve screening efficiency and increase screening numbers through screening and training consultation via phone/video conferencing and downloadable training videos. Whether or not referrals are made for screened patients should be recorded by the physician within the bhworks system.

  • MOC Points: 20
  • Cost: Contact sponsor
  • Eligible for CME Credit
  • Min. Days to Complete: 30 days
  • Expires: 11/01/2021
  • Sponsor: Drexel University College of Medicine
  • Patient Type: aged 12-24 years
  • Minimum Patients Per Cycle: 10
  • Number of Cycles: 3

For more information on this MOC Part 4 activity, please contact:  Tita Atte, MPH, CPH at or 215.571.3416