Subject Recruitment

This professionally designed, web-based recruitment tool helps attract more potential subjects to join an institutional registry. It features fully customizable questionnaires to capture information on medicines and diagnoses, covering a high percentage of your institution’s eligibility criteria. The result is a higher subject accrual rate and reduced workload for research coordinators who receive pre-screened lists of potential subjects. The module also improves communication between research staff and the recruitment team by providing chat areas for more frequent interaction.

Key Benefits:

  • Increases Your Pool of Research Subjects with web-based Recruitment
  • Saves Coordinator/Staff time
  • Subject Self Registration
  • Online Consent with PIN verification
  • Subject Self Report (they fill out your questionnaires)
  • New and Overdue task reminders
  • Supports Open Enrollment (all are welcome)
  • Supports Closed Enrollment (only those invited)
  • Receive notifications when a new subject registers