CRMS Reporting

This powerful database and analytical tool allows researchers to pool data from the CRMS Subject Registry with clinical and research data from other systems (e.g. IDX, EMR). Within seconds, a researcher can know whether there is a large enough population meeting particular eligibility requirements to proceed with a study.

Researchers can drill down through patient population data to search and analyze desired outcomes, test results, clinical trials, etc. A user-friendly interface requires no SQL knowledge and produces both customized and standard reports.

A comprehensive mapping feature allows researchers to output patient populations on a world map for geographical analysis. Patient sub-populations can be selected based on geographical criteria including counties, zip codes, free-hand polygons and more. Geographical layers can be added to further screen by political boundaries, physical data and census data.

On completion of data collection, researchers can use the Data Warehouse for basic analysis before exporting data into statistical programs like SAS and SAP.

Key Benefits:

  • Out of the Box, One-click Canned Reports
  • Data Exporting
  • Ad-hoc Querying and Reporting
  • Secure reporting based on study roles