Research Solutions:  “Business as usual” is no longer a viable option for research enterprises facing new regulatory and financial requirements and increasingly complex scientific knowledge.  mdlogix’ comprehensive portfolio of solutions and services will meet even the most difficult challenges in health research and practice. Based on a deep understanding of the health informatics industry, our products offer an unrivaled degree of scientific rigor and comprehensiveness.

Clinical Research Management System (CRMS):

CRMS is an enterprise-scale solution that helps manage the complexities of clinical research. From faster subject recruitment to more accurate billing, the CRMS is a powerful, user-friendly system that can result in dramatic savings in staff time and more efficient research.  To learn more about how this comprehensive system improves the efficiency of clinical research and practice, read our CRMS Overview.

Relational Network Optimization:

Relational Network Optimization (RNO) is an approach pioneered by mdlogix that combines social network analysis with relational coordination methodology to provide an end-to-end solution for perceiving, understanding, and addressing organizational challenges and opportunities. RNO allows organizations to improve their operational efficiency, effectiveness, and outcomes.  Read more on RNO

DataTect (Data Sharing & Collaboration):

DataTect is our online tool for data sharing and collaboration.  Whether you are a person wanting to share your data or a looking for data that others have shared, DataTect provides the tools for you.  Read more on DataTect

IMPACT (Animal Research Management System):

IMPACT was developed to efficiently collect and manage animal research data from around the world.  It focuses on standardizing surveillance data collection and reporting for animal research and studies.  Read more on IMPACT

SocioWorks - Social Network Analysis Tools:

  • VisuaLyzer 2.0 ™ - an interactive tool for visualizing and analyzing social network data from imported data or data created in the graphical interface.
  • EgoNet 2.0 ™ - allows users to create personal/egocentric/cognitive network interviews, conduct the interviews, and then quickly and intuitively display the networks interactively, as well as perform standard network analyses on them.
  • LinkAlyzer 2.1 ™ - supports and guide the process to match names, IDs or other personal attributes of the same individuals in different networks in order to link networks together, or to just clean up duplicate network entries in a file.
  • SocioWorks ™ - online study management, survey authoring, and data collection software for personal and whole networks. Exports to VisuaLyzer and other formats for analysis and visualization. Future versions will have online analysis and visualization.
  • SocioScope ™ - easily collect network data by creating lists of people (or other kinds of nodes) for connecting together. Assign the nodes any number of attributes, and use many kinds of ties to connect them. See the network graphic you've created and do some simple manipulations of the colors of ties and nodes based on attributes.

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