Relational Network Optimization

Relational Network Optimization (RNO) is an approach pioneered by mdlogix that combines social network analysis with relational coordination methodology to provide an end-to-end solution for perceiving, understanding, and addressing organizational challenges and opportunities. RNO allows organizations to improve their operational efficiency, effectiveness, and outcomes.

Social network analysis is used to provide a multi-dimensional visual representation of how an organization actually functions, as opposed to how it is structurally defined. In addition to providing valuable insights into key roles, sub-groups, and ties in and out of the organization, it also provides important information surrounding the work processes and tasks of the groups within the organization.

Relational coordination is a methodology for studying and improving the coordination of work among various roles by emphasizing relationships of shared goals, shared knowledge, and mutual respect, supported by frequent, timely, accurate, and effective communication. Relational coordination addresses the communication and attitudes between people and groups in an organization for the purpose of getting things done efficiently and effectively.

RNO involves the following steps:

  1. Identify the organization’s specific area(s) of interest
  2. Undertake the organizational social network mapping & analyze results
  3. Develop and execute the targeted Relational Coordination survey
  4. Apply Rapid Cycle improvements and RNO Results Dashboard monitoring based on survey results
  5. Monitor impact of improvement initiative(s) and repeat as needed