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mdlogix was founded

Medical Decision Logic, Inc. (mdlogix) was founded in Baltimore, MD.

Research and Development

mdlogix awarded multiple Small Business Innovation Research grants for diverse projects, including depression screening in primary care.


Designed, built, and deployed Clinical Research Management System (CRMS) for Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.


mdlogix partners with Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia to develop bhworks platform; CHOP uses platform for all patients 14+ in ED.

Pennsylvania Expansion

bhworks selected by Pennsylvania Department of Human Services for statewide suicide prevention program. The platform is deployed in primary care clinics, emergency departments, schools, and colleges throughout the state.

PA Student Assistance Program

bhworks screening program expanded to Pennsylvania Student Assistance Program (SAP) for middle and high school students.

bhworks NIDA Development

National Institute on Drug Abuse awards contract to mdlogix to develop new bhworks features for referral and care coordination.

Primary Care Task Force

bhworks selected for a 5-state CMS task force to expand depression and alcohol screening in primary care.

Employer Market

mdlogix partners with Johns Hopkins Healthcare Solutions to launch its Behavioral Health Screen (BHS) into employer market.

bhworks Configured to Address SDOH

mdlogix begins collaborating with Bon Secours Baltimore to address social determinants issues in high-utilizer populations.

bhworks Child Version (ages 6-11)

mdlogix releases new version of the bhworks assessment tool, expanding screening to elementary school students.


Users can now access bhworks seamlessly from the EHR using the bhworks SMART on FHIR app or via Single Sign On.

bhworks Development for Pediatric Primary Care

CDC awards funding to expand bhworks for use in pediatric primary care settings.

bhworks configured for Opioid Treatment Providers

mdlogix awarded NIDA contract to develop tools to improve intake workflow, reduce redundancy in treatment diagnosis and referral, and model best practices.

Telehealth Module

bhworks users can now conduct virtual visits by sending a secure link to patients or clients.