BH-Works Expands in Pennsylvania

April 30, 2015

State of Pennsylvania expands use of mdlogix www.BH-Works.com solution for comprehensive Behavioral/Mental Health assessment and care.

The BH-Works solution is being expanded from use in Emergency Departments (ED), Crisis Centers, primary care clinics and some schools to now include a large number of Student Assistance Programs (SAPs). BH-Works just went live at four SAPs that include 265 schools, and the program will be adding several hundred additional schools over the coming months.

BH-Works is a comprehensive solution for assessment of the 14 major domains in behavioral and mental health issues. The solution provides an efficient package for identifying, treating, referring, and tracking of patients and/or students with behavioral and mental health issues. BH-Works has been scientifically studied and validated for populations of all ages, offering screening tools for adolescents, adults and seniors within different settings including ED, Crisis Centers, PC clinics and schools.

Clinical validation: Studies done by the University of Pennsylvania showed a 200% increase in accurate detection of depression and serious suicide risk, with an 87% decrease in emergency department referrals as a result of more accurate detection.

Operational Validation: In diverse clinical and educational settings including ED, Crisis Centers, PC clinics, and various educational settings, BH-Works has been shown to work with high efficiency and is widely accepted by clinicians, staff and patients.

Psychometric Validation: Several studies have shown the validation of the assessment tool that is directly mapped from DSM-IV (depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and other key diagnostic areas), validated also in comparison to standards across the age range such as the Beck Depression Inventory II, strong measurement dimensionality, and parameter invariance shown using Item Response Theory modeling.

The BH-Works Comprehensive solution includes:

  • Education of- behavioral health community including PCPs, Mental health care providers, Crisis center care providers, Education systems programs, and others.
  • Assessment tools- for all age groups, provider and program settings.
  • Multi-level Reporting- individual, longitudinal (patients over time), and population reports.
  • Optimization Portal- Driving broad adoption and optimization across large geographical area covering states, PPSs, counties, ACOs, hospital systems nationally.

For more information on the BH-Works Program, please contact: Matt Briner at mbriner@mdlogix.com or (443) 278-8830