mdlogix to provide BH-Works to California schools

mdlogix is pleased to announce that we will be working with California public schools, beginning with Solano County School District in the North Bay region of the state. Stakeholders in the district will leverage our BH-Works software platform to screen students for behavioral health problems, connecting them to support through a network of school and community providers (multi-tiered system of supports).

BH-Works is an evidence-based, validated solution that is used in 1,400 schools across the country. Our web-based platform gives students the opportunity to complete assessments on a computer or mobile device, helping schools screen whole student populations with minimal staff. With workflows and best practices configured directly in BH-Works, staff can seamlessly manage interventions based on a student’s risk scores. BH-Works can also aggregate and display de-identified screening information across schools, school districts, or states. School organizations can choose variables to monitor in real-time, providing targeted insights for school resource officers, administrators, counselors, and school psychologists.

mdlogix has also entered into a partnership with CompuClaim, a company that provides school-based Medicaid claims software and services to Solano County and other school districts throughout California. This partnership allows us to bring a joint solution to school organizations, helping them secure Medicaid reimbursement and other state funding to implement sustainable screening and intervention programs throughout the state.

We’re proud to be a part of this initiative to increase behavioral health support in California schools, removing barriers to learning for students facing mental health challenges, economic disparities, and social and emotional health issues. School-based behavioral health interventions can positively affect a student’s academic, health, and financial outcomes. Families are also more likely to receive these services when they are offered in a school setting, and this additional support helps staff and community partners intervene before emotional stress and mental health conditions progress in severity.