mdlogix partners with Ohio advocacy group to support student well-being

mdlogix is pleased to announce a new partnership with the Ohio School Health Services Association (OSHSA). We’re excited about this opportunity to collaborate with OSHSA and other student-serving organizations across the state.

OSHSA supports a variety of school-based initiatives, fostering collaborations between non-profit organizations, individual schools, school districts, healthcare providers, and private companies. By promoting a robust and transparent Medicaid Schools Program (MSP), OSHSA helps to remove barriers to success for some of Ohio’s most vulnerable students.

Ohio has made the health of their students a legislative priority, allocating more than $675 million in funds to help schools support student wellness. With the help of OSHSA, we plan to build on work we’ve done in other states, offering technical support and implementation expertise to new and existing school-based mental health programs. We believe that with comprehensive early detection and intervention, schools can help prevent many of the public health and safety issues that challenge our communities. Most importantly, by proactively addressing the emotional and social health of our students, we better prepare them for future success

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