Clinical Solutions:  “Business as usual” is no longer a viable option for clinical enterprises facing new regulatory and financial requirements and increasingly complex scientific knowledge.  mdlogix’ comprehensive portfolio of solutions and services will meet even the most difficult challenges in clinical health practice. Based on a deep understanding of the health informatics industry, our products offer an unrivaled degree of scientific rigor and comprehensiveness.

Electronic Health Records & Screening Tools:

  • BH-Works (Behavioral Health Screening) - BH-Works is an 100% web-based program that provides a behavioral health screening tool to identify suicide, depression, and other mental health issues as well as educate providers on best practices for addressing these issues.  View more on BH-Works
  • Tell Us Medicine - Tell Us Medicine allows patients, family members, and hospice staff members to efficiently communicate and address patient and/or family member concerns securely over the web.  Often, hospice staff do not know there are issues or concerns until its too late.  Tell Us Medicine streamlines this process by notifying hospice staff immediately when concerns are submitted and allows them to efficiently address these concerns in real time.  Read more on Tell Us Medicine
  • webCMR (web Case Management Registration) - webCMR "Empowers Patients with Web Tools to Improve Communications".  Patients are able register themselves by creating an account and providing basic information.  Then, they can designate a physician who can update their account with complete medical record information (treatment history, medication history, etc.).  Read more on WebCMR

Quality Improvement and Analysis Tools:

  • TCUPs (Temporal Care Utilization Patterns) - Analyze patterns of care over time using the TCUPs tool.  Read more on TCUPs.  Read more on TCUPs
  • webHSOPS (webHospital Survey on Patient Safety) - The webHSOPS tool is 100% web-based and focuses on collecting patient safety culture within your hospital organization. Data is collected throughout the hospital and can be compared between hospital units, staff, and specialties. Read more on HSOPS

Medicare Shared Savings Program Tools:

  • ACOs (Accountable Care Organizations) - Taking advantage of the CMS Shared Savings Program (SSP) requires collecting and reporting on a variety of care-related measures. mdlogix solutions can address these needs to help ACO's and other SSP participants fulfill the CMS requirements for sharing in savings for improving patient care.  Read more on ACOs

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