Case Report Forms / Electronic Data Collection

This sophisticated web-based tool allows researchers to build forms that are scientifically rigorous and user-friendly. From basic data collection to the most complex forms, the Case Report Form module increases efficiency and reduces data entry errors, speeding the time from data collection to results reporting.

This form building tool lets you compare entered data to a static value, a previously answered question, or to patient demographics to apply skip- and validation-logic for the most customized questionnaires. View multiple questions on a single web page for faster data entry, or view questions one at a time for self-administration by subjects or study staff.

A data entry log tracks changes and the users who made them, providing complete versioning control. Flags mark data requiring review, and assign review to individual users. Integrating with the rest of the mdlogix CRMS system, forms can be associated with particular events within a study, and archived as part of a library for future use.

Designed by a team of experts in medical research, clinical trials management and software development, it is the most rigorous form building tool you can employ

Key Benefits:

  • Easy to use, user friendly interface
  • Build forms from scratch or copy/paste into Word processor-like editor
  • Apply validations to ensure quality data entry
  • Define skip logic and scoring logic
  • Track data entry on subject calendar events
  • Share forms and questions between studies
  • Data Export